TucaNo UrbaNo Handlebar Muffs

Two wheels are nippy in the city, fast, light, clean and trustworthy: that's the way it has to be in winter too. We can't be ruled by the weather and there's No time to waste putting on heavy gear, so the natural choice for the winter season is TucaNo UrbaNo Handlebar muffs.

Handlebar Muffs


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Cold hands? Gloves Not working? TucaNo UrbaNo's handlebar muffs are the solution!

Even with the best gloves your hands can still become cold in the winter. TucaNo UrbaNo make the best range of handgrip covers available. Your hands will stay warm and dry whilst still having full access to your motorcycle or scooters controls and switches.

TucaNo UrbaNo's scooter muffs are made from neoprene for maximum weather protection.

TucaNo UrbaNo's motorcycle muffs are make Polyamide and fit all motorcycles. TucaNo UrbaNo also include heated muffs in the range for ultimate warmth on long cold rides.