TucaNo UrbaNo Scooter Lap Covers

Scooters are nippy in the city, fast, light, clean and trustworthy: that's the way it has to be in winter too. We can't be ruled by the weather and there's No time to waste putting on heavy gear, so the natural choice for the winter season is Termoscud the original leg cover.

Leg Cover








Termoscud is the original scooter leg cover from Tucano Urbano.

TucaNo UrbaNo is the leg cover of choice for hundreds of thousands of scooterists all over the world. TucaNo UrbaNo lap covers keep you warm, dry and protected from the weather.

TucaNo UrbaNo scooter aprons are available for all scooters, with many model specific variants as well as universal models. The leg cover can quickly and easily be fitted to a scooter providing a seat cover when parked and waterproof, fur-lined comfort when riding.

TucaNo UrbaNo also produce a motorcycle lap cover kNown as the 'Gaucho' which provides motorcyclists with all the benefits scooterists have been enjoying for years!