What type of brake pads are the best for my bike?

If you have a light weight scooter or motorcycle which is mostly used for commuting, an organic brake pad is most suitable. Organic brake pads offer reasonable stopping power at a low price.

If you have a middle weight motorcycle a semi-sintered (or sintered) brake pad is Normally best. Semi-Sintered brake pads will last longer than organic pads and are better able to handle the heat of heavy braking.

Kevlar organic pads provide very smooth controlled braking. These pads are perfect for street or touring motorcycles.

Most sports or high performance motorcycles are best severed by sintered brake pads. Sintered brake pads contain metallic particles which enhance braking performance. Sintered brake pads are Now standard on most motorcycles.

Ceramic brake pads provide exceptional performance when cold or hot. The ceramic composite pad is formed using high-strength ceramic fibres and metal filaments.

New brake pads need to break in with frequent gentle application of the brakes for the first 200 miles.


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though i would give this a try as the original wd40 is a long term favourite. Its remarkably good stuff. In 3 minutes cleaned 3 years of shit of the underside of engine, just needed an old toothbrush to get the stubborn bits! happy.