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Motorcycle Soft Luggage

Shad soft motorcycle luggage is perfect if you want a fast fit Non-permanent luggage solution. There are several types of soft luggage available for every type of motorcycle & scooter, the main options are available: duffel bags tail packs, saddlebags and tank bags.

Duffel bags are universal and can be strapped to any motorcycle. Shad duffle bags include all the straps required. The advantage of duffle bags is easy mounting and durability. Shad also offer Zulu-pack dry duffels, the 100% waterproof solution.

A tail pack is great if your motorcycle already has top box or if the back seat is Not needed. Most come with rain covers to keep your belongings dry, or for a few pounds extra Shad's Zulu packs are 100% waterproof.

Throw-over saddlebags are ideal on sports bikes, touring motorcycle, cruisers and adventure bikes. Saddlebags leave space for a passenger, but can also be combined with a dry duffel or tail pack for increased luggage capacity.