Yamaha Brake Shoe Kit

Rear Wheel

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This is a genuine YAMAHA product. Approximate Weight 400g. 3DRW253E0000

Genuine parts originate from the same drawing board as where your machine was designed. Yamaha values your safety and enjoyment of your machine. With genuine spare parts Yamaha contributes to those two factors of perfect fitment AND ultimate quality.

Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories

Yamaha was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited (literally Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Corporation). The company's origins as a musical instrument manufacturer is still reflected today in the group's logo¡ªa trio of interlocking tuning forks.

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5.0 out of 5 Stars
1 Reviews for this product.

very pleased with my purchase top quality original brake shoes very quick delivery would use ajsutton again

5/5 Stars
by : 2/21/2017
very pleased with my purchase top quality original brake shoes very quick delivery would use ajsutton again
Yamaha XJ750RJ Seca1982Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ750RK Seca1983Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100T Virago1987Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750G Virago1995Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750A Virago1990Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750U Virago1988Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750B Virago1991Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750J1 Virago1997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750C1 Virago1997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750H1 Virago1996Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100F-FC Virago1994-96Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750E Virago1993Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100L-LC Virago 98-991998-99Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1987Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750D Virago1992-1194Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ650LK Secak1983Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ700N-NC-S-SC1985-86Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ650RJ Seca1982Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ750RH Seca1981-83Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ750J-K-MK Maxim1982-83Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV920RH1982Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV920J1982Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1000L-LC1984-85Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100S Virago1986Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100W-WC Virago1989Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100D Virago1992Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100B-BC Virago1991Rear Wheel
Yamaha TX7501972Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100G-GC Virago1995Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1000N-NC1986-89Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1988Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100J-JC Virago 19971997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100K-KC Virago 19981998Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650A Dragstar2006Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650 1997 Dragstar1997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650K-KC 1998 Dragstar1998Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650L-LC 1999 Dragstar1999Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650M-MC 2000 Dragstar2000Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650N-NC 2001 Dragstar2001Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650P-PC Dragstar2002Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1990Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1998Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1999Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1993Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AK-AKC 1998 Dragstar1998Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AM-AMC 2000 Dragstar2000Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AN-ANC 2001 Dragstar2001Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AP-APC Dragstar2002Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650A Dragstar2004Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650A 2005 Dragstar2005Rear Wheel
Yamaha XJ750J Maxim1982-84Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV750W Virago1989Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV920MK1983Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100A-AC Virago1990Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV1100E-EC Virago1993Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1996Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago1995Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV700L-LC Virago1984Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV700SS-SSC Virago1986Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV920RJ1982Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV920K1983Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AL-ALC Dragstar1999Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650R-RC Dragstar2003Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650AR-ARC 2003 Dragstar2003Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535 Virago2001Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535SA Virago1997Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV535SE Virago1988Rear Wheel
Yamaha XV10001986Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650 Dragstar Custom2013Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS6502016Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650A Dragstar2016Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS6502015Rear Wheel
Yamaha XVS650A Dragstar2015Rear Wheel

£28.28     £23.37 ex VAT
   1 reviews
3DRW253E0000 A.J.Sutton New Item
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