Suzuki AY50Y Katana 2000 Genuine Spare Parts



Frame (model K1)

Frame (model V/W/X/Y)

Frame Cover (model K1)

Frame Cover (model V)

Frame Cover (model W)

Frame Cover (model X)

Frame Cover (model Y)

Front Fender (model K1)

Front Fender (model V/W/X)

Front Fender (model Y)

Front Leg Shield (model K1)

Front Leg Shield (model V/W/X)

Front Leg Shield (model Y)

Fuel Tank

Handle Cover (model AY50 K1)

Handle Cover (model AY50 Y)

Handle Cover (model AY50W/WR X)

Handle Cover (model AY50W/WR Y)

Handle Cover (model AY50WR K1)

Handle Cover (model V/W And Model AY50 X)

Handle Grip

Rear Fender (model K1)

Rear Fender (model V/W/X)

Rear Fender (model Y)

Rear Leg Shield

Seat (model K1)

Seat (model V)

Seat (model W/X)

Seat (model Y)

Side Leg Shield (model K1)

Side Leg Shield (model V/W/X)

Side Leg Shield (model Y)

Stand (model V/W)

Stand (model X/Y/K1)


Front Caliper

Front Master Cylinder (ajp)

Front Master Cylinder (magura)

Rear Caliper (model AY50W/WR X/Y/K1)

Rear Master Cylinder (model AY50W/WR X/Y/K1)




Headlamp (model K1)

Headlamp (model V/W/X/Y)

Rear Combination Lamp

Speedometer (model K1)

Speedometer (model V/W/X/Y)

Switch Assy


Wiring Harness (model K1)

Wiring Harness (model V/W/X/Y)


Air Cleaner

Brace, Radiator (model AY50 K1)

Carburetor (model AY50 K1)

Carburetor (model AY50 V/W/X/Y)

Carburetor (model AY50W/WR V/W/X/Y)

Carburetor (model AY50WR K1)

Cooling Fan (model AY50)

Crankcase (model AY50 K1)

Crankcase (model AY50 V/W/X/Y)

Crankcase (model AY50W/WR V/W/X/Y)

Crankcase (model AY50WR K1)

Crankcase Lh Cover (model K1)

Crankcase Lh Cover (model V/W/X/Y)

Crankshaft (model AY50 K1)

Crankshaft (model AY50 V/W/X/Y)

Crankshaft (model AY50W/WR V/W/X/Y)

Crankshaft (model AY50WR K1)


Cylinder (model AY50 K1 )

Cylinder (model AY50 V/W/X/Y )

Cylinder (model AY50WR K1)

FIG7E Muffler (model K1, Except P26 And AY50 P39 )

Kick Starter (model V/W)

Kick Starter (model X/Y/K1)


Muffler ( Model V, Model W Except P4)

Muffler (model AY50 K1 P39)

Muffler (model AY50 X/Y P39)

Muffler (model K1 P26)

Muffler (model W P4)

Muffler (model X/Y Except P26 And AY50 P39 )

Muffler (model X/Y P26)

Oil Pump

Oil Tank

Radiator (model AY50W/WRV/W/X/Y)

Radiator (model AY50WR K1)

Starting Motor

Transmission (1) (model AY50 K1)

Transmission (1) (model AY50WR K1)

Transmission (1) (model V/W)

Transmission (1) (model X/Y)

Transmission (2) (model AY50 K1)

Transmission (2) (model AY50WR K1)

Transmission (2) (model V/W)

Transmission (2) (model X/Y)

Water Pump (model AY50W/WR)


Front Fork

Handlebar (model AY50W/WR X/Y/K1)

Handlebar (model V/W And Model AY50 X/Y/K1)


Front Wheel (model K1)

Front Wheel (model V/W/X)

Front Wheel (model Y)

Rear Wheel (model AY50 K1)

Rear Wheel (model AY50W/WR X)

Rear Wheel (model AY50W/WR Y)

Rear Wheel (model AY50WR K1)

Rear Wheel (model V/W And Model AY50 X/Y)

Suzuki AY50Y Katana 2000 2000 Spare Parts

SUZUKI AY50Y KATANA 2000 2000 spare parts .

Genuine Parts

Engine Size50