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Model Year VIN
Gilera 175 1956189
Gilera 50TS 1980-1982-
Gilera Apache 125 1993-1995-
Gilera Coguar 125 (Honda XLR125R)1999-2002ZAPM17000
Gilera Crono 125 1990-1991-
Gilera Dakota 350 1987-
Gilera Dakota 500 1987-
Gilera Dna 125 M261M Leader2002ZAPM26000
Gilera Dna 180 M262M Leader2001-2003ZAPM26000
Gilera Dna 50 C271M (catalysed)2000-2002ZAPC27000
Gilera Dna 50 Gp Experence 2003-2008ZAPC27000
Gilera Dna 50 M.Y. 2005 2005-2009ZAPC27000
Gilera Eaglet 1995-1999ZAP503000
Gilera Eaglet Automatic 1995-1997ZAPC09000
Gilera Fuoco 500 (euro 3) M611M2007-2013ZAPM61100
Gilera Fuoco 500 4T 4V Lt 2013-2015ZAPM8310
Gilera Gfr 1993-1995167
Gilera GFR125 1993-1994-
Gilera GP800 M554M2007-2008ZAPM5510
Gilera GP800 Centenario M554M2009ZAPM55100
Gilera GP800 M.Y. M554M2010-2011ZAPM55100
Gilera GR1 -
Gilera Grillo 1993-1995CXV1T
Gilera Grillo 1990-1994CXM1T
Gilera Gsm 2003-2007VTBC08102
Gilera Gsm 2001-2003VT8C0
Gilera Gsm EBS050 (Derbi engine)2001-2003VTBC33200
Gilera Gsm C081M Gilera engine1998-2005VTBC08112
Gilera H@k 2003-2007VTBC08000
Gilera H@k 2001VTBL0811
Gilera H@k EBS050 (Derbi engine)2001VTBC33100
Gilera H@k C081M Gilera engine1998-2005VTBC08110
Gilera Ice 50 C301M (catalysed)2001-2003ZAPC30000
Gilera Nexus 125 (euro 3) M355M2007-2014ZAPM35500
Gilera Nexus 125 Ie (euro 3) M357M2009ZAPM35700
Gilera Nexus 125 Ie (euro 3) M357M2008ZAPM35700
Gilera Nexus 250 (euro 3) M354M2007ZAPM35400
Gilera Nexus 250 (euro 3) (uk) M353M2006-2014ZAPM35300
Gilera Nexus 250 Sp (euro 3) M353M2008ZAPM35300
Gilera Nexus 300 Ie (euro 3) M356M2009-2014ZAPM35600
Gilera Nexus 300 Ie (euro 3) M356M2008ZAPM35600
Gilera Nexus 500 2004ZAPM35100
Gilera Nexus 500 (euro 3) M352M2009-2014ZAPM35200
Gilera Nexus 500 (euro 3) M352M2007ZAPM35200
Gilera Nexus 500 Sp (euro 3) M352M2006-2007ZAPM35200
Gilera Nordwest 600 1991-1993-
Gilera Oregon 250 M237M2007-2010RGEYN25D5
Gilera RC600 1991-1993228
Gilera Rcr And Smt 50 2007 On With D50BO Motor 2007-
Gilera Rcr And Smt 50 Upto 2007 Ebe Or Ebs Motor 2004VTH5DR1FB
Gilera RCR50 2011ZAPABA01
Gilera RCR50 D50B0089582006ZAPG11D1
Gilera RCR50 2006ZAPG12D1
Gilera RCR50 20066H316319
Gilera RCR50 2005-2006ZAPG12A1
Gilera RCR50 2004-2006ZAPG11A1
Gilera RCR50 2003-2005VTHSDRIEB
Gilera RCR50 Euro 22003-04ZAPGI1A1
Gilera Runner 125 Fx Drum M071M1998-2008ZAPM0700
Gilera Runner 125 Sp-fx Dd M071M2000ZAPM07000
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 2005ZAPM24000
Gilera Runner 125 Vx M241M2002-2004ZAPM24000
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 2001ZAPM24200
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T 2003ZAPM24100
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T (euro 3) (uk) M463M2006-07ZAPM46300
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T (uk) M461M2007ZAPM46100
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T -st- (euro 3) 2008-2012ZAPM46301
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T Race M461M2005-2008ZAPM46100
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T Race (euro 3) (uk) M463M2006-2009ZAPM46300
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T St 2012-2014ZAPM64301
Gilera Runner 125 Vx 4T-SC- (euro 3) (uk) M463M2006-2009ZAPM46300
Gilera Runner 180 Fxr Drum M081M1998-2000ZAPM08000
Gilera Runner 180 Sp-fxr Dd M081M2000ZAPM0800
Gilera Runner 180 Vxr M242M2002-2005ZAPM24000
Gilera Runner 180 Vxr 2001-2004ZAPM24100
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 2007ZAPM240
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 2006ZAPM24300
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 2003ZAPM24000
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 4T M462M2004ZAPM46200
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 4T (EURO3) M464M2006-2009ZAPM46400
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 4T -st- (euro 3) 2008-11ZAPM46401
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 4T Race (euro 3) M464M2006-2009ZAPM46400
Gilera Runner 200 Vxr 4T Race (euro 3) (uk) M463M2006-2009ZAPM46300
Gilera Runner 50 1996-1999ZAPC14000
Gilera Runner 50 Cat C362M (catalysed)2003-2005ZAPC36000
Gilera Runner 50 Poggiali 2002-2007ZAPC36200
Gilera Runner 50 Pure Jet (uk) C452M2006-2008ZAPC46200
Gilera Runner 50 Pure Jet Race C452M2006-2009ZAPC46200
Gilera Runner 50 Purejet C452M2010ZAPC46200
Gilera Runner 50 Purejet 2003-2007ZAPC36100
Gilera Runner 50 Purejet -sc- (uk) C452M2006-2008ZAPC46200
Gilera Runner 50 Purejet -st- C452M2005-2015ZAPC46100
Gilera Runner 50 Sp 2010ZAPC46100
Gilera Runner 50 Sp C451M2008-2012ZAPC46100
Gilera Runner 50 Sp 2002-04ZAPC36400
Gilera Runner 50 Sp 1998-05ZAPC36200
Gilera Runner 50 Sp (uk) C451M2007-2012ZAPC46100
Gilera Runner 50 Sp -sc- C451M2005-2015ZAPC46100
Gilera Runner 50 Sp Race C451M2005-2015ZAPC46100
Gilera RV125 1984-1985
Gilera RV125 Sports 1983-1984-
Gilera RV250NGR 1986-1988-
Gilera RV50 1987-1989-
Gilera RX125 1985-1986
Gilera RX125 Arizon 1983-1985-
Gilera Saturno 500 1992-1995-
Gilera SC125 E19E00410220066H332629
Gilera SC125 2004-2008VTHGS1A1A
Gilera SC125 2004-2008VTHGS1A1A
Gilera SC125 2004-2008VTHGS1A1B
Gilera Skp (Stalker)1998-2001ZAPC13000
Gilera SMT50 2011-2012ZAPABB01
Gilera SMT50 2006VTH5DR1EB
Gilera SMT50 D50B00895820066H316319
Gilera SMT50 Euro 22003-04ZAPGI2A1A
Gilera SMT50 2000-2007VTHSDR
Gilera SMT50 Racing 2011ZAPABB00
Gilera Stalker C401M2009-11ZAPC40100
Gilera Stalker C401M2006-08ZAPC401
Gilera Stalker 2002-2005ZAPC1300
Gilera Stalker (special Edition) 2007-08ZAPC40100
Gilera Stalker Naked 2008ZAPC40102
Gilera TG1 1980-1981-
Gilera Zulu EBS050 (Derbi engine)2001VTBC33300
Piaggio 50 5V 010
Piaggio 50 5V 7HP 013
Piaggio 50 Enduro 033

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