About Us


In 1952 at the age of 17 I opened my own motorcycle repair shop in Hanwell west London. In those days it was all British Motorcycles.



In the early 50s a customer brought me a Vespa to repair. After working on this I became a Vespa fan.


I opened a show room in Ealing in 1962 specialising in Vespa's. I supplied new machines, carried out repair and servicing for all models. When the MODs came about I did a lot of customization and painting with special designs. I also designed and had manufactured a range of chrome accessories, carriers, backrests florida bars etc. I became one of the top Vespa dealers in the country.



In 2005 the business moved to a new warehouse in Milton Keynes with a shift in focus to supplying spares, accessories and performance products. The business is now run day to day by my son David Sutton and a dedicated enthusiastic staff off 15.



A.J.Sutton. 05/08/1935 - 07/05/2018


Parts distribution relocated to MSP (Motorcycle Spare Parts) B.V. in Holland.