Programming New Keys


  • Only the Service key should be used day to day.
  • Use the Service key for testing and fault finding. Only use the Master key for programming.
  • It is not possible to program a replacement master key to a previously programmed immobiliser
  • It is possible to program new Service keys only if you have the original Master key.
  • Original Service keys with a chip fitted can be recognised by this symbol etched into the metalnear the top.

If new locks are fitted:

  • Lock set will be supplied with one Master and one Service key.
  • If you do not have any original keys then you must also change the CDI / Immobiliser unit
  • If you have the original Master key: Use a screwdriver to pries the Master key apart so the Chip can be removed. Remove the chip from the new key and replace it with the original. Now the immobiliser will not know that anything has changed. Now the system is working and you can program the new Service keys.

Programming new Service keys:
Programming is easy but be aware that precise timing can be important.

  • Master key in and turn on for TWO seconds
  • Service key in and turn on for TWO seconds
  • If you have a second Service key : In and turn on for TWO seconds
  • Master key in and turn on for TWO seconds
  • You have up to ten seconds to change keys over.
  • If you are adding an extra Service key you must re-program all the Service keys together, you can not just add a key.
  • The system can remember up to seven keys at a time. If you program an eighth key then the first one will be forgotten.
  • You do not need to try and start the engine to see if it is programmed. Simply turn the ignition back on; before it is programmed the LED will give one 2 second flash; once it is programmed the flash will be a half second.
  • If it has not accepted the programming after six attempts then do it again but make the turn on times much quicker (probably one second). Sometimes this will work when the normal procedure will not. But note that it will only work when the normal procedure will not so you can not do it all the time.