Yamaha Part Numbers

Understanding Yamaha Part Numbers

Factory OEM parts are divided into two general categories: General Parts and Interchangeable Parts.

General Parts – Refers to parts manufactured for one or more specific Yamaha models (i.e.: pistons, crankcases, fuel tanks etc.). This twelve-digit part number structure is as follows: 000-00000-00-00. On the ajsutton website we remove the '-''s.

First 3 numbers: XXX-00000-00-00

The first three digits within the general part number structure are model designation numbers. Within this three-digit group, two numbers may be replaced with letters.

Next 5 numbers: 000-XXXXX-00-00

The second group of five digits is the actual parts group identification number (i.e. 11631 - piston; 11311 - cylinder etc.). A 'W' means product kit.

Next 2 numbers: 000-00000-XX-00

The ninth and tenth digits of the part number indicates differences, corrections or modifications to the original part number.

Last 2 numbers: 000-00000-00-XX

The last two digits of the part number will indicate the finish or colour of the item if applicable..