Piaggio Split Pin

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This is a genuine PIAGGIO product. Approximate Weight 40g. 012761

All Piaggio Original Parts and Accessories are designed and built to the highest standards of quality, function and durability.

Genuine Piaggio Parts and Accessories

Piaggio boasts a long-standing history in Italian industry and mobility. Back in 1882, Enrico Piaggio opened a factory for the production of naval supplies. This was followed, two years later, by the founding of Piaggio & C by Rinaldo Piaggio, engaged from 1889 in the railways sector.

The company made its début in the aeronautical field in 1916, and after a series of ups and downs, finally approached the world of two-wheeled vehicles. In 1964 the aeronautical (I.A.M. Rinaldo Piaggio) and motorcycle (Piaggio & C.) divisions split to become two independent companies, with the latter paving the way for the birth of Italian mobility, in the wake of the economic boom enjoyed in those years. As from the 1960s, Piaggio began to churn out a series of highly successful products.

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Vespa PX125E Disk2004-2008Rear Brake Jaws
Vespa PX125E Disk2004-2008Brake Pedal
Vespa PX200E Disk2000-2014Brake Pedal
Vespa PX200E Disk2000-2014Rear Brake Jaws
Vespa T5 Classic1985-90Rear Break Jaws
Vespa T5 Classic1985-90Brake Pedal
Vespa PX200E1998-2001Rear Break Jaws
Vespa PX200E1998-2001Brake Pedal
Vespa PX125E1981-1986Rear Break Jaws
Vespa PX125E1981-1986Brake Pedal
Vespa P125X1978-1981Gear Group - Rear Wheel Hub
Vespa P125X1978-1981Front And Rar Damper - Security Lock
Vespa P125X1978-1981Cables
Vespa PK125S1983-84Plate For Brake Jaws
Vespa PK125S1983-84Brake Control Fastners
Vespa 150 Sprint1969-79Gear Group - Rear Wheel
Vespa 150 Sprint1969-79Steering Bearings
Vespa 150 Sprint1969-79Cables - Rear Brake - Gear - Speedo
Vespa 150 Super1965-79Gear Group - Rear Wheel
Vespa 150 Super1965-79Steering Bearings
Vespa 150 Super1965-79Cables - Rear Brake - Gear - Speedo
Vespa PX150E1981-1997Brake Pedal
Vespa PX150E1981-1997Rear Brake Jaws
Vespa 150GS1958-61Gear Selector - Ht Coil
Vespa 150GS1958-61Front Damper
Vespa 150GS1958-61Wheel Bracket
Vespa 150GS1958-61Cables - Gear Change - Rear Brake
Vespa 150GS1958-61Crankshaft - Clutch
Vespa 180SS1964-68Crankshaft And Clutch
Vespa 180SS1964-68Mainshaft, Rear Brake, Final Drive
Vespa 180SS1964-68Front Damper And Steering Bearings
Vespa 180SS1964-68Cables - Gear, Rear Brake And Speedo
Vespa PK80S1982-86Brake Control Fastners
Vespa PK80S1982-86Plate For Brake Jaws
Vespa 150GS1955Gear Selector - Ht Coil
Vespa 150GS1955Front Damper
Vespa 150GS1955Crankshaft - Clutch
Vespa 150GS1955Cables - Gear Change - Rear Brake
Vespa 150GS1955Wheel Bracket
Vespa 150GS1956Cables - Gear Change - Rear Brake
Vespa 150GS1956Gear Selector - Ht Coil
Vespa 150GS1956Front Damper
Vespa 150GS1956Crankshaft - Clutch
Vespa 150GS1956Wheel Bracket
Vespa 150GS1957Front Damper
Vespa 150GS1957Gear Selector - Ht Coil
Vespa 150GS1957Cables - Gear Change - Rear Brake
Vespa 150GS1957Crankshaft - Clutch
Vespa 150GS1957Wheel Bracket
Vespa 150GS1958Gear Selector - Ht Coil
Vespa 150GS1958Cables - Gear Change - Rear Brake
Vespa 150GS1958Front Damper
Vespa 150GS1958Wheel Bracket
Vespa 150GS1958Crankshaft - Clutch
Vespa 1251961Front Damper
Vespa 125 Super1965-79Gear Group - Rear Wheel
Vespa 125 Super1965-79Steering Bearings
Vespa 125 Super1965-79Cables - Rear Brake - Gear - Speedo
Vespa 1501960-62Front Damper
Vespa 1501960-62Gear Box - Rear Wheel Flange
Vespa PX125E1998-2005Rear Brake Jaws
Vespa PX125E1998-2005Brake Pedal
Vespa PX200E2002Brake Pedal
Vespa PX200E2002Rear Brake Jaws
Vespa P200E1977-82Gear Group - Rear Wheel Hub
Vespa P200E1977-82Front And Rar Damper - Security Lock
Vespa P200E1977-82Cables
Vespa PX125 Cat2007-08Brake Lever
Vespa PX125 Cat2007-08Rear Brake
Piaggio MP3 250 Ie Lt2008-2009Control Pedals
Piaggio MP3 400 Ie Lt2008-2010Control Pedals
Vespa PK50S1984Brake Fastening - Speedometer Drive Pinion
Vespa PK50S1984Brake Control Fastners
Piaggio MP3 300 4T 4V Ie Lt Ibrido2010-2013Control Pedals - Levers
Piaggio MP3 300 Ie Lt Sport2010-2012Control Pedals - Levers
Vespa PX1252011-2015Rear Brake
Vespa PX1252011-2015Rear Brake Lever
Vespa PX1502011-2015Rear Brake Lever
Vespa PX1502011-2015Rear Brake
Vespa 50 SpecialCables
Vespa 50 SpecialFront Fork - Hub
Vespa 50 SpecialRear Brake - Transmission
Piaggio MP3 300 Ie Lt Touring2011-2013Hydrolics
Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban Lt Erl2011-2015Pressure Governing Valve
Piaggio MP3 400 Ie Lt Touring2011Master Cylinder
Piaggio MP3 500 Lt Sport - Business2011-2013Master Cylinder
Piaggio MP3 400 Ie Lt Sport2008-2010Brake Pedal
Ape 502009Control Pedals - Levers
Ape 502009Loading Body Open - Side Boards
Ape Mix 2T1998-2008Brake Oil Tank - Stop Switch
Ape Mix 2T1998-2008Component Parts Of The Frame (open Box Body)
Ape Tm 7032008-2012Parking Brake
Ape Tm 703 220 2T1997-1999Hand Brake Transmissions
Ape Tm 703 422 Diesel1997-2004Hand Brake Transmission
Ape Tm 703 422 Diesel FL21997-2004Hand Brake Transmission
Ape Tm 703 422 Diesel Lcs2004-2012Reverse Gear Control Transmission (handlebars)
Ape Tm 703 422 Diesel Lcs2004-2012Trasmissions
Ape Tm 703 220 2T FL21999-2004Hand Brake Transmissions
Piaggio MP3 300 Lt Sport-business Abs2014Control Pedals - Levers
Gilera Fuoco 500 4T 4V Lt2013-2015Control Pedals - Levers
Piaggio MP3 500 Lt Sport2014-2015Control Pedals - Levers
Piaggio MP3 500 Lt Business2014-2015Control Pedals - Levers

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